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Jim Rohn said, “We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with.”

So true but…… it’s more complicated than that……The reality is that even when we are very intentional about picking those few that we plan to achieve with…who we look up to, lift us higher, inspire us…

….we often still have some lingering relationships from our past……or those people who share family ties…....that can be challenging …tear us down….cause grief…..have baggage…..long histories…

…too often we tuck them to the side and work to believe that they aren’t impacting our lives in any way….

But the truth is…..unresolved stuff does impact us. It can spring up with emotions unexpectedly, eek into healthy relationships, sit in our bodies to create discomforts……

If we are honest with ourselves……these relationships can and DO zap our energy, steal our joy, drum up false beliefs about ourselves, shift our focus and, yes, even sometimes, stand in the way of achieving our dreams.

I admit that I experienced the negative fallout from lingering relationships recently.

We’d just come through a difficult time that had lasted several years where we’d struggled to help our 2 boys through some major health challenges. It was the most isolating time of my life! It felt like almost all of my relationships just fell away and I started to think……….
  • No one cares about me
  • I am invisible
  • I am Not Valued
  •  AND THEN... I am not valuable
I found myself pulling away and into isolation even more… That’s what thoughts like these can do…… They just added to my pain….. And these thoughts, that were NOT facts, were not serving me.

I can’t live and lead for impact with these false beliefs! And the same goes for you!!

Once I finally got around to pulling out of my funk and analyzing my relationships, I quickly realized, not surprisingly, that the lack of concern I was feeling from others wasn’t about me at all!

The real issue…… I had placed a collection of people into a friendship category that did not fit them at all. This then had me placing expectations on people as if they were friends when that’s not what they were.

Re-defining these relationships was the real and quick fix.

And once defined appropriately it became readily apparent that I also had too many people in categories that had me pouring into others and not enough of people pouring into me.

I lost time, focus and energy when there was actually a pretty quick remedy. And I know many others are going through the same thing.

Do you have lingering relationships that require a fix? Yes, relationship stuff can be difficult but, often there are simple remedies if you know how to evaluate them and look for the fix.

We are all worthy of beautiful, healthy relationships that uplift, inspire and energize us. At times, however, we can find ourselves in relationship with people who take us for granted, tear us down, misunderstand us, demand more than we can reasonably give, take more than they provide.

Whether they are professional, familial, friendship, or romantic, we have a say in who gets access to our time and talents and what that access looks like. But do we exercise that right? It can be tough but I’ve created a roadmap to simplify. That’s why I’ve designed the Relationship Renovation Roadmap

It will help you review, renovate and revive to create a blend of relationships that will inspire, uplift you and ignite the energy you need to make your impact.

It will be available soon! leave me your name and email and you’ll be the first to know. You’ll also receive special offers available only to my Relationship Renovation Roadmap Tribe!

I can’t wait to help you Rock Your Relationships!!

"Kirsten is one of those great ones. I cannot say enough about the wonderful work she has done with my clients. I get unsolicited rave reviews."

- Gino Wickman, Author of "Traction" and "Get a Grip, President of EOS Worldwide
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